About Us


AEBA is a leading association in Armenia and Egypt bringing together business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals with over 100 members from all business sectors.


AEBA strives to set the rules of trade exchange between the two countries. It supports the development, implementation and enhancement of joint economic and social exchange projects between Armenia and Egypt. AEBA is a trusted source of information for local investors, manufacturers and traders from both countries.

Objectives of the Association

In 2017, AEBA was established in Egypt and Armenia as NGO. The aim of the association is to be an effective partner in the process of economic development through supporting reform policies and progressing competitiveness and transparency in both countries. AEBA supports initiatives that foster cooperation and exchange of ideas, individuals and goods between Armenia and Egypt. AEBA also aims at enhancing cultural, economic and financial awareness in both populations. With the support of leading professionals and business owners in both countries, AEBA seeks to develop business performance, build a society of knowledge and establish channels of communication with international organizations and institutions.


– Offer legal, economic and professional consultations to decision makers
– Manage specialized exchange programs for professionals
– Organize lectures, seminars, discussion meetings, forums, courses and conferences
– Hold mutual conferences between governmental and non-governmental organizations, regional and international organizations to achieve the association’s vision and objectives
– Organize training programs to develop the scientific and professional skills of members and enhance their participation in economic development
– Develop cultural activities to support the mutual cooperation with other countries through holding seminars, workshops and art shows
– Lead mutual economic and tourism exhibitions
– Support trade exchange between the two countries.